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Her 48-year marriage to Doo and their rare partnership is also one of the great love stories of our times,” said executive producer Elliott Halpern of Yap Films Inc.“You don’t have to know country music to love Loretta Lynn,” said Michael Kantor, executive producer of has earned 28 Emmy Awards — including 10 for Outstanding Non-Fiction Series and five for Outstanding Non-Fiction Special — 12 Peabodys, an Oscar, three Grammys, two Producers Guild Awards and many other honors.(L to R) Loretta Lynn and Sissy Spacek looking at the original "Coal Miner's Daughter" movie script in "American Masters -- Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl" Credit: Elliott Halpern/© Yap Films Inc.(L to R) Loretta Lynn's husband Doolittle, Loretta Lynn, Sissy Spacek, and Tommy Lee Jones.The series’ 30 anniversary season on PBS features new documentaries about Mike Nichols (January 29), B. King (February 12), Carole King (February 19), Fats Domino (February 26), Janis Joplin (May 3) and The Highwaymen (May 27).To further explore the lives and works of masters past and present, the website ( offers streaming video of select films, outtakes, filmmaker interviews, photos, educational resources and more. Elizabeth Trojian is executive producer and producer.

“You couldn’t make up a better example of the American Dream than Loretta Lynn’s astonishing rags-to-riches story.

### For editorial use in North America only in conjunction with the direct publicity or promotion of AMERICAN MASTERS. Loretta Lynn and "Full Circle" producer John Carter Cash record at the Cash Cabin Studio (Hendersonville, Tennessee) in "American Masters -- Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl" Credit: © Yap Films Inc.

Loretta Lynn and her daughter/"Full Circle" producer Patsy Lynn Russell record at the Cash Cabin Studio (Hendersonville, Tennessee) in "American Masters -- Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl" Credit: © Yap Films Inc.

Filming with Lynn, her family and business team also took place at her ranch and other locations in Hurricane Mills, Tennessee, the community she formed as a re-creation of her Appalachia birthplace, Butcher Hollow, Kentucky, where she was raised in poverty.

Other interviewees include Sissy Spacek, who starred as Lynn in the Oscar-winning biographical film of her life, explores Lynn’s hard-fought road to stardom, her struggles to balance her marriage to Oliver “Doolittle” Lynn and six children with her music career, her friendships and collaborations with Spacek, Patsy Cline, Conway Twitty, Johnny Cash, June Carter Cash and music producer Owen Bradley, along with her life on the road, her Nashville and Hurricane Mills communities, her songwriting inspirations and her music’s lasting impact on her peers and fans.

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The record includes new compositions alongside reinterpretations of her previous classics, recorded at the Cash Cabin Studio in Hendersonville, Tenn., with producers Patsy Lynn Russell and John Carter Cash.

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